A Guide to Bridal Sets




If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, you’ve probably considered purchasing the ring as part of a bridal set. A bridal set consists of two rings: an engagement ring and a matching band, both for the bride. Traditionally, the rings are designed to be worn together—although the wedding band wouldn’t be worn until after the wedding. For many couples, buying a bridal set makes sense to save time, money and the effort of shopping for a wedding band while you’re also busy planning a wedding. Here’s what you should know about matching engagement rings and wedding bands to create a bridal set.


The most obvious reason to go with a bridal set is to make sure the rings fit together seamlessly. Since they are meant to be worn together, a set should reflect a cohesive style. Whether you’re going with a custom design or a pre-existing style, buying a set means you can be sure the rings don’t end up clashing with each other. Here are a few aspects to keep in mind when browsing bridal sets:



An engagement ring and wedding band shouldn’t compete with each other—they should be partners. With a set you’ll know the proportions between the two is right and you won’t have to think too hard about it. 




Professional jewelers know which styles work together and which ones don’t. Even if you want a custom design to mix and match your favorite trends, a set will ensure you still end up with rings that are unique in the best way possible. Just like any piece of jewelry, the right bridal set style depends on the person who will be wearing it. From vintage-inspired details to modern classic styles, there are plenty of options to choose from. Just like a stand-alone engagement ring, a bridal set isn’t one size fits all and you should take the time to understand your future fiancé’s sense of style.




If you choose different strength metals, it’s possible that one ring could damage the other when they’re worn together. For example, platinum can scratch white gold. Buying a set will ensure your rings are the exact same metal.



Buying a wedding band separately could prove difficult if you have to work around certain diamond shapes such as a marquise or a pear shape. A set will ensure your rings are created specifically to be worn together.


Outside the jewelry industry, you may have heard the terms bridal set and wedding set used interchangeably. Technically, they aren’t exactly the same. A bridal set includes two rings, both for the bride, while a wedding set also includes a wedding band for the groom.

Some couples might choose to purchase all three rings at the same time to ensure the three rings are all a similar style. On the other hand, if the groom has a particular style of wedding band in mind, it’s also not uncommon to buy his ring separately. It all depends on the kind of rings you both want.