Bracelets 101

Part of what makes bracelets so fun is that you can admire this piece of jewelry when you're wearing it. Bracelets are quite simple in design but can become elaborate depending on their details and embellishments.



Chain bracelets


Foundational to many varieties of bracelets, this simple style utilizes links to form a chain. Strong and stylish, there are a number of specific types of chains:


  • Figaro - Pattern of oval links that vary in size
  • Curb (also known as Cuban or Cuban curb) - Lays flat
  • Cable - Another classic style that lays flat
  • Byzantine - Layers of links that create a unique pattern
  • Box - A classic chain with small box-like links
  • Bead - Tiny connected metal beads
  • Anchor - Large oval links; typically a more masculine style

Charm bracelet


Charm bracelets are the ideal way keep the things you cherish close to you. Generally, a chain will be the base to which you can add charms with personal significance. Most people add to their charm bracelets over many years, or even a lifetime.


Tennis bracelets



Popularized by the tennis player Chris Evert, who gave the style its name sake after her bracelet fell off during the 1987 U.S. Tennis Championships, tennis bracelets are equally glamorous and sporty. This bracelet style features flexible links of diamonds or other gemstones that secure with a clasp. Because of their elegance and versatility, tennis bracelets are a jewelry essential for any woman. Just to note...this bracelet style is also known as a line bracelet.


Bangle bracelets



These bracelets come in varying widths, materials, and style options. Generally, bangles are meant to be roomy around the wrist, res ting at the top of the hand with the ability to move up the arm a bit. Bangles can be worn individually or with others. Stacking bangles has become a major trend in jewelry, but they also look great stacked with other bracelet styles.



Bolo bracelets


Bolo bracelets have recently risen in popularity due to the range of styles and adjustable clasp. The bolo clasp slides along the chains, allowing you to cinch the bracelet to be as loose or tight as you like. This style is easy to slide on and off and stack with other bracelets.



Cuff bracelets


Cuffs are often wide, covering more of the wrist than a watch in some cases. However, they can also be thinner and more delicate as well. Cuffs do not have clasps, but rather an opening in which the wrist slides in.