Down the road, you may want to trade-up your center diamond, diamond stud earrings, and/or solitaire pendants for larger or higher quality diamonds. House of Rajah Jewelers will at any time upgrade jewelry purchased from them and will apply 100% of your purchased value towards the upgrade under the following conditions:

1. Purchased item must be in original undamaged condition.
2. If purchased item is not in original undamaged condition, a percentage of (10%-50%) will be deducted from the
original purchase price. 

A jewelry appraisal can be done on any item of jewelry, regardless of the composition, style, or condition. The purpose of a jewelry appraisal is to give a dollar value for an item, often for insurance, estate or general knowledge
purposes. Market values change, so we recommend you have fine jewelry appraisals updated approximately every three years.