What To Know About The Diamond Shape

Shape refers to the geometric outline and overall physical form of a diamond. Every diamond shape has its own attributes and cut specifications, which also play a large factor in the overall look of the stone. In addition to round diamonds we offer nine fancy shapes including pear, oval and emerald. People love fancy-shaped diamonds because they are a stunning way to create a truly distinctive design. Plus, many of the fancy-shaped diamonds are well suited to vintage-inspired designs. So if you’re interested in customizing a ring to create an heirloom-like feeling or you just want a style that’s uniquely you, a fancy-shaped diamond may be a great way to go. 



When you think of a diamond, you think of its most popular cut – the round brilliant cut. The round diamond shape is the first of the modern diamond cuts, and initially gained popularity in the 1920s. A “brilliant cut” is comprised of 57-58 facets, catching the light at just the right angles, to produce the highest level of fire and brilliance


The princess-cut is the has a square diamond shape with sharp angles and ample brilliance. Developed in the 1980s, the princess diamond is prized for its modern, clean lines and stunning sparkle. 


Dazzling in design, cushion-cut diamonds, also called the “pillow cut”, are a square or rectangular shape with curved corners and soft, vintage facet patterns. This cut contains larger facets to create more clarity in a ring. An antique style that's increasing in popularity, cushion shaped diamonds are reminiscent of round and oval shapes. Cut for less brilliance than the classic round diamond shape, a cushion diamond has a soft, romantic appeal.


With its classic oval shape, the oval diamond has a powerful sparkle and beautiful lengthening effect. This shape brings together the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond with the elongated design of a marquise. While the oval diamond shape was developed in the 1960s, it has a classic and timeless feel. The length maximizes surface area, making it a smart choice for those wanting a large diamond for their budget.


The pear diamond has an exquisite droplet shape with cascading brilliance. Also known as the teardrop diamond, the pear shaped diamond can appear modern or vintage, depending on its setting. With 58 facets, it has a brilliant cut that exhibits lots of sparkle. Its elongated shape lengthens the finger, making it a flattering choice for engagement rings. The point is typically worn pointing towards the heart of the person wearing it.


The emerald cut diamond evokes old world charm with origins that trace back to the 1500s. The official term "emerald cut" was coined in the 1920s and the style became very popular with the rise of the Art Deco era. The most common shape for an emerald cut is rectangular with a length to width ratio between 1.50 and 1.75 giving them a thinner, elongated look. With sloping corners and fewer (parallel) facets than round and princess diamonds, the emerald diamond shape creates a “hall of mirrors” effect and emphasizes a diamond's clarity above its sparkle. 


With its distinctive oval shape, the marquise diamond has smooth curves and pointed ends. Originally commissioned by King Louis XIV, the marquise has one of the highest size-per-carat-weight ratios of any diamond shape, which means that your diamond will appear larger. Its flattering design elongates the finger, while its facets produce beautiful sparkle.


The Asscher diamond has a uniquely crafted square shape. A variant of the emerald shape, the Asscher diamond is known for the subtle yet iconic "X" visible in its table. Its square shape is comparable to the princess diamond, yet its cropped corners and mesmerizing angles set it apart from any other diamond shape.


This diamond consists of a square or rectangular shape with intense brilliance. The radiant diamond is a stunning blend of other shapes. Its cropped corners compare it to the emerald and Asscher shapes, while its brilliant facets are inspired by round and princes diamonds. Modern with lots of sparkle, the radiant diamond shape is a sophisticated and versatile choice for those who wish to stand out. This shape looks equally beautiful set with either baguette or round side-diamonds.


An iconic symbol of love, the heart silhouette has distinctive length-to-width ratios. With a modified brilliant diamond shape, similar in style to the pear, the heart diamond is an ever-romantic choice. Typically cut with 59 facets, the heart silhouette is designed with extraordinary sparkle in mind. Depending on the length-to-width ratio, this diamond can be narrow, wide or in a classic heart shape.